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The Misfit's Remedy, out now.

My latest book is out now and it is wonderful that people are buying it. My main protagonist, Jojo, is a complicated and, ultimately, ruthless person. She takes drastic action to deal with her feckless family, who are curbing her ambition.

I have recently finished another story, Coming Home, and now it needs a bit of polishing. I will go back over it a few times, adding and refining, before I'm happy. The next step will be getting it looked at by an editor.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though, because I have another two books ready to publish. Artful, is a mystery where a woman, abandoned as a child, searches for answers about the parents she can barely remember. Tales of Retribution, follows the lives of a father and a daughter, separated after a murder.

I will, no doubt, fiddle about with them before deciding which to publish first. Then it will be cover design and formatting before settling on a release date. I aim to have a gap of around six months between each one.

I have had a break from writing for a couple of weeks as I concentrate on promoting Misfit's. A germ of an idea for a new book is in my mind, although there is not enough to start anything yet. I will cogitate on it for a while and when more of a story appears, I will begin to write.

The new Word doc., waiting for the title and the first words, is one of my favourite parts of writing. Getting a paragraph down will set me off on my next adventure. An adventure which will take twists and turns that will surprise me. My characters often seem to lead me rather than the other way around.

The first chapter of The Misfit's Remedy is on this website. Have a look and then, because I'm sure you will be hooked, buy yourself a copy.

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