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Lots of free time.

A month ago I would not have thought that I would be writing my blog while self isolating. Or that, with so much time on my hands, I would be struggling to write.

Like just about everyone, I'm a bit out of sorts. I have, mild, asthma and the stories of people struggling to breathe have completely freaked me out. Apart from a trip to the supermarket once a week, I am only leaving the house for a walk around the block. No nights out with friends, no choir, just books and TV.

I have found it hard to get motivated to write. All of the spare time isn't inspiring me, it is intimidating me. I have read through what I have done so far on my novel Eden's Tale, but, apart from a bit of polishing, nothing has been added.

I tend not to read much when I am writing. I don't want to be influenced by someone else's style. Now, the Kindle has been charged up and I'm taking this opportunity to look at the three books I have downloaded, but not yet read.

Thank goodness the weather has been good here in southern England. We have done a bit of pottering in the garden when the sun is out and my husband has had a bonfire. Each day a bit of progress is made and the garden is looking much better.

In the last couple of days I have started to think about writing again. I have done a bit of, necessary, research and I think I'm getting to the point where words will be added to my work in progress.

** Update **

I have opened the word doc. and typed the word "chapter". Not much, but its a start.

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