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Publishing, at last.

Here it is, the cover for my new book, The Misfit's Remedy, which will be released on 1st September.

This is proof that I found a route through the self publishing maze. I can't say that it has been plain sailing, but I have got there in the end. I had to decide what worked for me and , most importantly, what I could afford.

Everyone said that investing in a cover was essential, so I set about finding someone who could help me. After going through dozens of websites, I discovered my designer on Twitter, where we were already following each other. @Anthony_OBrien_ has done a great job at a reasonable price.

The other thing that I was encouraged to do was employ an editor. They help, not only, with the basics of punctuation and grammar, but with plotting and pacing, too.

With the help of Kindle Create I was able to give my work a professional layout and then upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing. It is ready for publishing as an E book and a paperback on 1st September.

That was all, relatively, easy. It's the marketing which is the hard part. To help get my work out to people I have posted the first chapter on my website. Go and have a look and I'm sure that you will want to read the rest of Jojo's story.

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