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Learning the art of patience.

My philosophy has always been "I want it all and I want it now". Especially in the early days of my writing, I would finish a story, tidy it up a bit, and then onto the next one. Not the best method of working.

I have recently gone back to a novel I wrote some time ago, a horror story called Anthony. Since then, I have learned a lot about the craft of writing plotting, and presentation. I have not so much, edited Anthony, more rewritten it. The real lesson is that I want to make it the best it can be before I present it to others.

My husband and I often joke that our family motto is "Ut Faceum" which roughly translates as, that will do. Sometimes that is appropriate, but I can't use it when it comes to writing. I need to dig in, take my time, and not quit until it is perfect.

My aim this year is to publish another book. Whether that is with a publisher, or done myself. If I self publish, I will ensure that my work is edited and that it has a great, bespoke, cover.

I have a short story featured in the latest edition of the Bard of the Isles online magazine. It has features and stories written by British and Irish authors.

Find it here

I am going back to my work on Anthony. Adding lots of dialogue, polishing the grammar, and agonising over choosing the correct word. I'm not working to a deadline, or rushing to submit it to a publisher. I've finally learned the art of patience and I like it.

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