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Writing, joining and making friends.

I was contacted and asked whether I would like to join a group called the British and Irish writing community. Yes please, was my response. These lovely people share information and encouragement and will soon release the first issue of their on line magazine Bard of the Isles.

As reported in my last blog, I have written my first short story specifically for this magazine. It won't be in the first issue, they had lots of pieces written and submitted, but hopefully it will make a future edition.

These groups are really useful. Members are at different stages of their writing and publishing journeys. If you need a beta reader, an editor, hints and tips, just ask and they will give recommendations.

Every Monday you are invited to comment on what you have been writing and other projects. This is very good for discipline, knowing that you will have to say whether you have been active or not. I have done more work on my current novel every week so that I can report something positive.

Tales of Retribution is coming along nicely. I have reached 24,000 words without planning what direction the story will take. I like the freedom of being able to change my mind or add something into the original, sketchy, outline.

After a Bank Holiday weekend blessed with sunny weather, I am ready to knuckle down and write some more. Well, I'm out for a meal with my choir friends, so maybe after that. No more excuses, honest.

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