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Self publishing, confusion and decisions.

I'm going to self publish my novel The Misfit's Remedy. Straightforward one would think, but there is so much to consider. Firstly, do it myself, or get someone to do it for me.

The luxury of having the cover design, formatting and distribution done for you comes at a price. Sadly, for me, that price is too high. Add in editing and proof reading, not to mention marketing, and an investment of a couple of thousand pounds is needed.

I will have to select the services that I need and then do some of it myself. Everyone I have asked has said that investing in a good cover is essential. I have searched the internet, getting prices and looking at portfolios, for some time. In the end, I have to stop prevaricating and make some decisions.

I have, therefore taken the step of contacting a cover designer and asking for quote. I have helped a friend use Kindle Direct Publishing, so will use that. The rest of my budget will go on marketing.

That brings us to Amazon ads. People run webinars, for which you have to pay, on how to use this form of marketing. I am going to do as much research as I can and try to do it without paying out yet more money.

This experience has been like going back to school. I have had to research and study so many things. It has been hard to motivate myself, but now that I've taken the first step, hopefully, I'm on a roll.

I write books, lots of them, and unless they are published, what is the point. Maybe they will just be read by friends. Maybe I can get them out to a wider audience. Unless I try, I will never know. Wish me luck.

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