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The glorious weather has given us the chance to spend a lot of time outside. We are lucky enough to have a garden and I've been out there most of the time. I have pulled out the odd weed and even used the lawnmower.

Okay, I admit that a lot of the time I'm reclining on a lounger reading a book or a newspaper. Sometimes I'm just thinking. The plot for my latest book gets planned, ideas are formed, and paragraphs are written in my head. A quick dash inside to the laptop follows, so that I can get the words down before they are forgotten.

The garden is now the place where we can meet with people again. On 1st June, the first day of the new guidelines, we went to visit with some good friends. Sat a suitable distance apart, we were able to spend a few hours chatting and laughing. We did have a couple of drinks, too.

I live in Dorset, a beautiful part of the country. The spectacular beaches have drawn thousands of people to the area. Crammed onto the sand, not socially distancing, and leaving mountains of rubbish behind. I don't understand the mentality of anyone seeking out a picturesque spot and then trashing it.

It is my husbands birthday next month and we usually have a party in the garden. Let's hope that the rules around the Coronavirus have relaxed some more, so that we can have more than six people. It has become a tradition and an event that friends look forward to.

Stay safe everyone.

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