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Different Strokes

I haven't seen many people, only neighbours, during the lock down, but I have spoken to and messaged friends. The rage of emotions experienced by folks has been varied, but I think we are all unsettled in some way by present circumstances.

I have been afraid, bored, anxious, and a bit blue. The weekly shopping trip, trying to get everything we need and navigate all the social distancing rules, has become a major ordeal. At least the shops have got stocks back in after some people's panic buying. My morning walk relieves the tension of being stuck in the house. The good weather has been a great bonus allowing us to get into the garden.

A few friends have thrown themselves into home improvements, taking the opportunity to tackle the jobs around the house which need doing. Others have taken up new hobbies and pastimes. Me, well I have hit the doldrums. Faced with lots of time to write, I have stalled.

At first, I felt guilty about not using my time more constructively. One cannot, however, force it. As I relaxed about my lack of creativity, I felt better. I have, over the last couple of weeks, started a new writing project, but I dip into it when the mood takes me and don't fret when it doesn't.

We will all cope with lock down in our own way. Furiously active, lots of duvet days, learning a new skill, or watching box sets. As long as we stay home and stay safe, there are no rules about passing the time.

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