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Pondering, thinking and, maybe, writing.

After a couple of frantic months, which saw me on holiday, in hospital and then recovering, I am endeavouring to write again.

Most authors talk about the dreaded writers block, and that is where I am at the moment. There have been lots of reasons why I have stalled. Having pneumonia certainly had a hand in it. Being in hospital and then recovering took some time. And then I have been helping a fellow writer, Bob, get his book ready for publication.

I have not edited his work, that is a skill which I do not possess. I have however checked the spelling and punctuation before putting it on Kindle Direct Publishing.

KDP is a great platform for self publishing. You can spend money on their services, editing, cover design, or you can do it entirely yourself for free. Bob has a friend who does his covers and he enlists me to upload it. In his eighties, the fact that he is still writing books is great and I am happy to help. There is usually a bottle of wine in it for me.

Back to my own book, originally titled Blank slates. I have pondered over the title for a long time and have finally changed it to Mesmerised. It could be something else by the time I'm finished. This week I have opened Word and actually got back to adding to and tidying up what I have done so far. There is more to do so I must keep going now that I have started.

I have booked another engagement to talk about writing and publishing. I will be speaking at Canford Heath Library in September. I love doing these events and hope to do more in the future.

Okay, back to the editing. I can do this.

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