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Editing, media and hospital.

Yes, the daunting, but ultimately satisfying task of editing is now being undertaken. My latest novel, a murder mystery with a supernatural twist, is shaping up nicely. I've given it a title, but it might change, if I can think of a better one.

People write in a number of ways. Some write a lot and then trim it down. I write the basic story and then add in around 20k words during the editing process. I look at characters, do they need more of a back story, I know what a paragraph means , but will the readers need some of it clarified. Maybe a new character or strand is added to the story, that causes a lot of work.

As I read through a manuscript the emotions change. Oh, this is good. No, this is terrible. Finally, I hope to be happy about what I have written.

I have now joined Instagram.I'm already on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. These are the links should you want to follow me.

I ended March in hospital. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and stayed for 5 days whilst antibiotics were pumped into my body. I also had 3 bags of saline because I was badly dehydrated. This was a symptom of the infection, but one of the nurses said that most people don't drink enough water. I have and will continue to make the effort to drink more water each day. I will also, of course, have the odd glass of wine.

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