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Publication, holiday and editing.

1st March saw the release of Just Des(s)erts. Tree District Books are hoping to arrange some book signings for me and I will let you know when they have done so. This is the link to Amazon so that you can buy it now.

The paperback version will be coming soon, but the ebook is available now.

I've been on a short holiday to France. A cruise from Poole to Rouen, on the river Seine, and back. Met some lovely people and ate far too much food. There was also a bit of alcohol consumed. A really great trip.

The return journey across the Channel was a bit of an adventure. Force 6 gales and 3.5 metre swell made for a rough voyage.

Furniture tipped over in our cabin and the cupboard doors banged open and shut throughout the night. Needless to say my husband and I didn't get much sleep. We would go on a cruise again, but at a different time of the year. Don't really want to experience being at sea in a storm again.

I am still working on my latest novel, Blank Slates. I've got the basic story down, now comes the hard work of embellishing, clarifying and tidying up the grammar. This entails several read throughs and adding another 20,000+ words.

You can follow me on my other social media sites @fionajroberts1 on Twitter and Fiona J Roberts Author on Facebook.

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