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Reclaiming, tweaking and writing.

My novel Ebb and Flow was released some time ago. The publishers didn't do much to promote it and I have, therefore, reclaimed the copyright so that I can issue it myself.

The newly packaged Ebb and Flow is available now on Amazon. A story of a woman affected by the cottage she lives in and her husband's efforts to help her. The lives of previous occupants are revealed as the mystery unfolds.

The Misfits Remedy is finished. I really enjoyed writing the story of my flawed heroine Joanne, Jojo, Rushton. The main character in my next book is a much nicer person. So far.

As I write my next book Artful, the characters have started misbehaving. I intend to make them reasonable, fairly normal people, but they tend to go off at a tangent. Quirks, foibles, and faults creep in and before I know it,they are looking decidedly dodgy.

Christmas is not far off, which is evidenced by the songs we are rehearsing at the choir I sing with. Jingle Bell Rock, I believe in Father Christmas, and Let it Snow are just some of the ones we are doing.

Tree District Books, my new publisher, are currently editing Just Des(s)erts and it will be released in the coming months. That will be a good start to 2019.

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