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Perseverance, action, and singing.

Ooh, the publishing industry can be very frustrating at times. Since this all started 3 years ago I have been on a roller coaster ride. The joy of seeing my first novel in print, to the collapse of my latest publisher. I am not going to be deterred however, perseverance is the name of the game. Some might call it being sheer bloody minded, either description is appropriate because I'm not giving up.

I am submitting my work to new publishers and hope that someone will like what I do. The novel I am currently writing is coming along nicely. The words are flowing and I'm enjoying the process. That is not always the case, as every author will tell you.

In an effort to get away from the stress I have joined a choir. It is something completely different from anything in my life. An hour and a half each week to meet with a great group of people and just sing. I can forget my troubles, apart from hitting the occasional wrong note, and I feel utterly refreshed after each session.

In October I will be giving a talk to a women's group in Poole. Writing, publishing, research and marketing will all feature in my presentation. Admitting that one is constantly thinking of ways to murder someone always brings an interesting reaction. All in words, of course, not in real life.

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