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Learning, writing and celebrating

So, editing. I thought my writing was pretty much perfect. It seems that I still have a lot to learn.

My lovely editors have made a lot of changes, particularly with regard to my lack of commas. I don't use anywhere near as many as I should apparently. Most of the changes were small things though, which is good. The stories and plot lines are okay and that is the main thing.

My publishers, Titan Inkorp, provide people to edit my work. They also have designers who produce the book covers. I am asked to suggest a basic idea and from this they work their magic. I have now seen the cover for Just Des(s)erts and can't wait for that one to be ready too.

I have made great progress with Really Reckless. The main narrative has been written, now for the hard bit. I have to go through and clarify and revise. A great deal will be added during this process and at the end of it, with any luck, a fully formed book will emerge.

It is my husband's birthday this month and we are having a small party on Saturday. Fourteen of us will be eating and drinking, a lot. There is a load of food in the house and the beer fridge is cooling down in readiness. The potent punch will be made and will ensure a fun night.

I can't write this blog without making reference to the World Cup. This evening England play in the semi final. I am very hopeful that on Sunday 15th July we will be playing in the final. COME ON ENGLAND.

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