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Waiting, writing and being edited.

This will be the cover for my new book The Lexton Twelve. It tells the story of 12 people who vanish overnight from the tiny hamlet of Lexton. There are few clues as to what happened and the hunt is on to find them. I'm waiting to find out when this one will be released. As soon as I know you will too.

I wrote a book a while ago featuring a female spy. I am revisiting that character and writing a new stand alone novel featuring Kelly, a middle aged widow, who has shown herself to be a rather good secret agent. This is giving me the opportunity to murder people, in my book of course, in a number of gruesome ways.

They say that you learn something new everyday. I had never been properly edited, most of my books have been self published, but I am now undergoing this process. After the initial acceptance of having one's errors pointed out I have found it very helpful. In the last round I learned some new devices which I will definitely be employing in the future. In fact I'm going to have to go back over all of my previous work and make some amendments. A bit daunting but in the quest to get better it must be done.

More books are going to be published by Titan Inkorp and I am choosing cover designs. It is great to see your ideas transformed into reality. All I have to do now is get through the editing on the other books and they will be on the way to being released too.

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