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Writing, happiness and home improvements.

Yes, thank you to all of you who have bought my book A Sequence of Events. I'm sure you are enjoying it and the good news is that there are more stories to come.

My publishers Titan Inkorp have accepted more of my manuscripts which I will tell you about nearer to their release dates. The next one will be The Lexton Twelve due to be issued on 5th June. This is a crime story involving the mysterious disappearance of 12 people from the hamlet of Lexton. Not too long to wait until you can purchase the book and find out their fate.

I have finally finished my One World series. The two books tell the story of Dan who wakes up in a parallel universe. All that is left now is to think of a suitable title for the second book.

And on to the next one. I am doing a second book featuring a character from another novel. Lots of action and adventure in this one which will be called Really Reckless.

Utter chaos in the Roberts household. The painter has finished turning all the doors and skirting boards from dark stained wood to white. It looks fantastic. A new boiler has been fitted and now we are looking at carpet to replace the existing one which has lasted 14 years. Of course, I will now need to paint all the walls because they look a bit shabby next to the gleaming white.

My publishers have been great organising the cover, design and distribution of A Sequence of Events as well as marketing. This leaves me free to get on with the business of writing. It also gives me the time to search for the exact shade of paint I need for my lounge.

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