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Holidaying, focusing and getting published.

My week in Portugal has been wonderful. My batteries are recharged and I have seen a bit of sunshine which is always good.

I could not have had a better run up to going away. Titan Inkorp are going to publish my novel A Sequence of Events. These are publishers with a purpose. My manuscript has been to the editors and the book cover has been designed. Seeing the project happen at pace and feeling included in the process have been fantastic. I can't wait for this story of the tense and hung up Jerry's path to a calmer life to reach you all.

Our holiday was part sun and part rain and an awful lot of food. Damn those all inclusive resorts with their buffets full of delicious food. I might have had the odd drink too.

There has been quite a lot of admin to catch up on after a week away but the writing will recommence soon. I have to resolve Dan's journey through the parallel universe he has found himself in. His world is governed by the One World Government who are somewhat sinister although well meaning.

The other Earth on which he lives has less technology due to a catastrophic meteor event a hundred years before. Dan is navigating his way around a life which is familiar in some aspects and totally alien in others.

This latest novel has involved a lot of research. I now know how a combustion engine and tasers work. How these fit into the story I will leave to your imagination for now.

Through my new publishers I have become part of a family of authors who they are representing. I don't "know" any of them but we are touching base online and I am sure that we will be giving each other support and encouragement. How lovely is that.

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