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Travelling, writing and revelations.

We went on a trip to Wales this week. Its a long journey taking us about 5 hours so I share the driving with my husband. We have to go over a couple of bridges with a big drop below them. I am a complete sissy when it comes to heights so I am always unnerved by the crossings. Needless to say Dave is the driver for that part.

I am still writing my novel One World. It has changed direction a few times as it went along. I set off with a general idea for a story but I often have a revelation half way through and I go off on a tangent.

This is all very well but it left me with a problem. Having decided that I would carry this story onto a second book I had to decide how to end the first one. Inspiration can strike at any time and this time a relaxing hot shower did the trick. I emerged clean and with a plan for how to wind up the novel but set the scene for where the next one is going.

I have now written the rest of the book but alas that is not the end. Now comes the dreaded editing where I have to reread the work a few times looking for errors, clarifying points and adding or removing sections. This process usually results in about another 5,000 words being added.

I have got a bit carried away and have already found the perfect picture for the book cover. I have a few novels to publish before I get to this one so you will all have to wait quite a while to see what it looks like.

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