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Writing, celebrating and spending money.

I can't ignore the fact that it is Christmas but I will come back to that later. First, news abut my writing which is the most important topic.

My novel One World has taken on a life of its own. Each time I try to plot the rest of the story a new idea comes and I am off on a tangent. Too many ideas for one book so it looks like this is going to be my first two book (or more) series.

Our quiet Christmas for two has been gradually growing. The lovely Kristina and Drew will be joining us for lunch and then more friends will come around in the evening. I know we will have great fun but I do dread the clearing up the next day.

I am involved in two secret Santa events and have finally got the presents required. The ones where you only have a small amount to spend are the best because you can get something completely off the wall.

After many weeks of persuasion (nagging) I have got the husband's consent to spend some money. All the dark wood skirting boards, doors and staircase are being painted white. Not by me I hasten to add. That is a job for the professionals. When that has been done we are going to have new carpets.

In the new year we will have a beautiful new look for our house and we will no doubt have a party to show it off. Any excuse for a celebration!

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