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Relaxing, eating and thinking.

Well I'm back. I have just spent a week in Rhodes with my husband Dave and three other couples. We ate and drank, a lot, and laughed continuously. Dave even invented a card game, henceforth known as Greek Brag, to keep us amused.

Instead of writing this break gave me a much needed opportunity to read. I finished a book called The Adversary by Emmanuel Carrere which I very much enjoyed. Look at the Goodreads website to read my review.

I have gone from a true story to science fiction and I'm now reading Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. I have only read a few chapters but I'm already hooked and eager to find out what will happen next.

The rest from writing has been good for my imagination and I am now sketching out a plan for a new novel. It is quite ambitious and will take a lot of research so I won't begin it for a while yet. Also I am still editing Mr Fortuna and I really must finish that before I undertake a new project.

So the holiday has seen me reinvigorated with regards to writing and sporting a rather fine suntan. Unfortunately I consumed far too much and will now have to go on a diet to lose the excess weight. I definitely do not regret the desserts and cocktails though.

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