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Writing, preparing then HOLIDAY!.

I am back to editing my novel Mr Fortuna and I am finally making progress. I'm sure that I'm not alone amongst writers who love their latest work then hate it before learning to love it again. When you know that people are gong to read what you have written it makes you a tad paranoid.

I have been featured in the two blogs that I had previously mentioned and have shared the links on my Facebook page.

I am trying to show some restraint and not buy another few outfits for my holiday. My plan is to travel light so I must not throw in extra clothes "just in case". We all take far too much when we go away. It's not like we're going somewhere remote. If we need something we can buy it when we are there. The there is Rhodes.

I went on a trip to London with a friend and we travelled on the tube. Carla spotted a man and said that he looked like Mr Galton, a character from my novel The Lexton Twelve. It was interesting to learn how she saw him and made me wonder how other people pictured the characters in my books. I tend not to be too specific with my descriptions because I think readers like to create there own ideas of how someone looks.

By the way I thought that he looked a bit like Mr Galton too.

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