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Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

My new book, The Dog and The Girl, is out now but I am waiting for the publicity to kick in. Someone is reading it and will review it soon. The review will appear in various places including Goodreads and Amazon and will hopefully encourage people to buy it.

I am going to be featured in a couple of blogs soon too. I have answered many questions for Dorset Book Detective and for the publishers of my first book Ebb and Flow, Austin Macauley. When these are available I will let you all know and share the links.

The other thing that I am waiting for is my holiday. I am going to Rhodes with my husband and three other couples in a few weeks. The whiteboard in our kitchen, which is meant to be used as a shopping list, is now being used to count down the days until we go away.

Our house is the designated venue for watching the Macgregor/Mayweather fight. It is going to be shown about 4am and I'm wondering who will still be awake to watch it.

In the next few weeks a number of things will be resolved and I will feel like I'm able to move forward again. The editing of Mr Fortuna is ongoing albeit at a snail's pace.

If I don't get my mojo back soon I'll give myself a damned good talking to and hope that I listen.

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