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Listing, helping and not writing.

Since beginning this author's life I have discovered a lot of things to help me on my way and I would like to share these with you.

If you have work on Amazon set up an authors page.

Get a page on Goodreads and list your books.

I have joined the Independent Authors Network. They charge a small fee but list your books and do some promotions for you. They also retweet your posts which helps with publicising your work.

There are lots of people on Twitter who will promote your book for a small charge, Shout my book, Books and the Bear and Mystery books are just a few.

Some companies charge a lot but offer a whole package of advertising and reviews. These are sadly outside of my budget.

If you don't want to pay for publicity there are sites who will feature your book free of charge. I have used Books 4 Dozens, Writers Boon and Mine eye.

I spend a lot of time on social media trying to build a following. This means that I have to post regularly and hopefully interestingly to keep my followers happy.

I have completely ground to a halt with the whole writing thing. I still send work off to publishers and when you get rejected it does make one a little despondent. I have promised myself that I will get going again and carry on editing Mr Fortuna, my latest novel.

And so I'm back to the writing. People who have read my books say how much they like them and as long as they want them I will keep producing them. Who needs a publisher when you can do it yourself?

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