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Partying, publishing and promoting

So after moaning last time about all the promotion I have to do here we go again.

The Dog and The Girl has been published and is available as a paperback and an E book on Amazon.

It is winging its way to Chick Lit Cafe who are going to review it for me. You will eventually see their posts on Goodreads and Amazon.

I'm also trying to reach more people via Twitter and I'm hoping that ( click on the follow me icon above to find their website) can help me to get more followers.

There is a lot out there for authors in the way of help. I like to include them in my posts so that if you too are trying to get your novel to more readers or have something to promote you will see who I have found to assist me.

Its not all work. I went to a great party at the weekend with my husband and our lovely friends. We girls maybe drank a few too many cocktails. Our favourite of the night was French 75, which is Prosecco, gin, sugar syrup and a slice of lemon. Yum.

I am still writing and I am on schedule to release another book in six months time. Get reading lovely people, there is a lot more to come!

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