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Writing, thinking and revelations

When you are self published marketing your book takes up a lot of your time. I have to post on Twitter and Facebook as well as keep my author sites in various places up to date.

I check Amazon to see if any copies have sold and where I am in the rankings (very low) and then I do it all again the next day and on and on.

It is time consuming and often a bit depressing. Why aren't people buying my fantastic novel? What else should I be doing to bring it to peoples attention? I must write my blog!

My revelation is that I am spending so much time doing these other things that I'm neglecting my writing. I am not Wonder Woman and I can't do it all. I love creating a story and that should be my priority so this week it's all about getting on with Mr Fortuna.

My latest release The Dog and The Girl will be out soon and I will have to promote that but I will not lose sight of why I am doing this. I love writing.

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