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Uploading, promoting and hoping.

This week I have joined Inkitt. On this website if you are an author you can upload a book or short story for people to read for free. If they like it and give it good reviews there is a chance that the company will publish your work.

I have put The Lexton Twelve on there which is a mystery about a hamlet of six houses and the search for the occupants who have disappeared, seemingly, into thin air.

At best this story could be published, if not people will get a chance to read my writing and if no one reads it I will publish it myself at a later stage. If you want to have a look this is the link.

Next month I will be releasing my third novel which is titled The Dog and The Girl. Hmm, how do I describe this one? It is a story of a woman who has had a disappointing life. Ellen suddenly dies and finds her consciousness transferred into her pet dog Barney. She can still understand what it said to her and can read. She can also run really fast and fetch a ball. Obviously a lot more happens but you will have to get the book to follow her story. I will of course tell you when it is available.

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