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Sunbathing, socialising and writing (a bit)

When you look out of the window and you see the sunshine it is hard to concentrate on anything. I love the sun and I have abandoned writing so that I can sit outside with the newspaper and a book and chill.

The only other place I was tempted to go was for a walk on the quay with my friend Carla. A sea breeze, a stroll and a piece of cheesecake as a reward. Lovely.

As the heat has abated my need to write has returned. In fact I would say that the break has done me good. Mr Fortuna has been added to and is taking shape nicely. I have found another book lover on Twitter who promotes books for free. @digitalbookgirl has featured Just Des(s)erts on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

So many people have helped me promote my book and I will mention them in future blogs.

So not much progress on the book but I do have a good tan!

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