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Ranting, moaning and carrying on.

The weather was beautiful last week so I spent a lot of time outside. That was the best bit about a frustrating few days.

When you complain about something and three months later the situation hasn't changed you begin to wonder about the people you are trying to deal with. Where has the ethos of customer service gone which sees someone referring to my bad attitude for getting cross about their bad service?

Whilst I'm ranting I have to mention the terror attacks. Knee jerk reactions which condemn whole communities for the actions of the few serve no one.

I have taken a break from writing for a bit after completing my novel "Anthony". The mind never switches off though and already ideas are nudging there way back in. Normal service will no doubt be resumed shortly.

I gave a talk at a Women's Institute meeting recently and it was good fun. I caught up with some friends and hopefully encouraged a few people to buy my books.

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