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Drinking, suffering and surviving.

To celebrate the bank holiday Monday my husband Dave and I met some friends for a drink at our local pub on Sunday evening. I did have a few beverages and, yes, this morning I was a little "tired" but several cups of tea, otherwise known as the antidote, have set me right.

I am just about finished with the main writing on my novel Anthony. This will now join the other completed works which I will publish in due course. It is currently well down the queue with four or five, I can't make up my mind, coming out before it.

There is a strange feeling when a novel is finished. My creation is complete and that brings satisfaction. The downside however is that I now have nothing to work on.

The upside to the downside is that I will now get around to all the jobs which have been neglected because I have been too absorbed with Anthony. He and his murderous demon family have been great fun to write.

I feel that I must make a confession at this point. My recovery from my self inflicted malady has been aided by eating two Kitkats.

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