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Disappointment, perseverance and Wattpad

One step forward, one step back. Sadly, my publisher has gone out of business and I am now an orphaned author. Titan Inkorp are no longer trading.

So many emotions, sadness, disappointment, anger, but none of them get will get me anywhere. There is only one thing to do. Pick myself up, dust myself off and start over again.

I am still, of course, writing, with Really Reckless nearing completion. I have started a new novel called The Misfit's Remedy. A dysfunctional family, murder, the usual things I write about!

I have self published before and I can do so again. All is not lost. I have learned a lot from what has happened and also from fellow authors. We have supported each other through this upsetting time. I have got some new ideas about bringing my work to a bigger audience and that brings us to Wattpad.

This is a website which allows writers to post a book in serial form. There are other things on the site, fan fiction, short stories, but I am going to put a novel on there. I will be releasing a chapter each week of my book The Legend of Dark City. The great thing for readers is that you can access it for free, The link to my page is on my website.

I am in the process of getting the copyright to A Sequence of Events back and that will be reissued at some stage.

I saw a great quote on the internet this week, "Your dream does not have an expiry date, take a breath and try again." Good advice.

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