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Alice was found by the side of a road aged 6. Most of her memory had gone, following a concussion and the police struggle to locate her family.

Newspaper and television appeals fail to solve the mystery and Alice, adopted by the Brown family, tries to move on. She studies art and makes a living from her paintings of landscapes.

Despite her best efforts and the passing of twenty years, she is still haunted by a need to know what happened to her parents. Alice places a canvas on her easel and produces a portrait of a man, who she is convinced is her father.

Excerpt from the first chapter below.


Welcome to my website, where you can find my stories with a difference.

Read about murderous women, strange hauntings and a fight to escape one's past.

My latest book, Thwarting Harold out now.

My Books
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Julia is all too aware of her failings, can't cook, nervous, tongue tied, lacking in confidence. Moving to a country cottage in an isolated spot is just what she needs to lift her depressions and with Mark, her loving husband, new friends and hobbies, life starts to look better.
She is soon displaying a startling change of personality, criticising and belittling people, drinking to excess and shoplifting. Is she bipolar, psychopathic or could her apparent addiction to the water from the old bore hole in the garden be to blame?
Mark sets out to solve the mystery of his wife's strange behaviour in his own logical, but unorthodox, fashion. The history of the house and its surroundings form part of his investigations. This leads to an unexpected turn of events.

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How does a cosy Sunday dinner in a small English commuter town between three middle aged women turn into the perfect murder spree? Eve, Dorothea, and Penny decide to take matters into their own hands after incredible tragedy at the hand of conman, Martin Cole. As the public swings between fear of the so-called Vigilante Killer and glee that these fraudsters are receiving their just desserts, will detective Mike Nash and police be able to solve the case? Do they even want to? A gripping yet humorous book of crime fiction by author Fiona J Roberts.

Joanne, known as Jojo, is the youngest child of the Rushton family. She is blonde and petite and the rest of them are stocky and dark haired. She is clever and the rest of them are not. She wants to escape from her humble beginnings and make a new life, but they just won't let her.When she enters into a relationship with a handsome doctor, Miles, the thought of him meeting her deadbeat family results in her taking drastic action. Having rid herself of one impediment, another arises. Miles' family are also dysfunctional, only in a different way. Further steps, however unpleasant, must be taken.Jojo will do anything to get the life that she wants.

Beth is watching her favourite programme, Tales of Retribution, as her father, Tim, kills her mother. Her life has just become much harder. She takes comfort in the justice dispensed in the TV show and hopes, someday, to exact her own revenge for the murder.
Tim is on the run with no real plan. Events lead to him changing his name and starting a new life. He often thinks about the daughter he left behind.
Their lives take them on different paths, but a time will come where they meet again. Will Beth get the chance to avenge the death of her mother?

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Iris had experienced a ghostly encounter. Then it happened again. And again. They weren't threatening events, but she still felt unnerved.
Her husband, Mike, recalls a story of a family curse. A ghost of a relative, Harold, appears and then someone dies in a bizarre accident.
Has Harold been killing people? Is Iris going to be his next victim? How do they stop him?
Although sceptical, they must plunge into the spiritual world and into family archives to find the answer.

My Books


“Is that a child by the side of the road? Mike, pull over.”

“It is, bloody hell, she looks like she’s lost.”

The car stopped near to where the little girl stood. The child waited as the couple left the vehicle and walked back to her. Wearing a dress which was a bit too small and a hand knitted cardigan, grubby and grazed, but otherwise unharmed, her expression was somewhat vacant.

“Are you on your own?” Nicky spoke to her in a soft voice.

A nod confirmed that she was alone.

“What’s your name?”


As Nicky was talking to the girl, Mike was calling the police. A report was made about the unusual, and worrying, discovery and a car despatched. They probably shouldn’t touch the girl, but Nicky was compelled to put a protective arm around her and explain that everything would be alright. How could she possibly know that?

A minor, alone by the side of a road, this was a priority. The police rushed to the scene and found Alice sat, feet dangling outside the car, on the back seat of Nicky and Mike’s hatchback. They didn’t want to put her in, but they also didn’t want to leave her stood on the verge. The same blank look was on the girl’s face. A trauma of some kind, the couple had decided.

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