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Joanne, known as Jojo, is the youngest child of the Rushton family. She is blonde and petite and the rest of them are stocky and dark haired. She is clever and the rest of them are not. She wants to escape from her humble beginnings and make a new life, but they just won't let her.

When she enters into a relationship with a handsome doctor, Miles, the thought of him meeting her deadbeat family results in her taking

drastic action.


Having rid herself of one impediment, another arises.

Miles' family are also dysfunctional, only in a different way. Further

steps, however unpleasant, must be taken.

Jojo will do anything to get the life that she wants.

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My Story

After working in the banking industry for 30 years I began writing. The books I write cover many genres but all have stories which are different from the average novel. 

Read about the ladies who take the law into their own hands. Follow Julia as she starts a new life in the country.

My latest novel, The Misfit's Remedy, sees Jojo trying to escape her humble beginnings and doing anything to get what she wants.

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Julia is all too aware of her failings, can't cook, nervous, tongue tied, lacking in confidence. Moving to a country cottage in an isolated spot is just what she needs to lift her depressions and with Mark, her loving husband, new friends and hobbies, life starts to look better.
She is soon displaying a startling change of personality, criticising and belittling people, drinking to excess and shoplifting. Is she bipolar, psychopathic or could her apparent addiction to the water from the old bore hole in the garden be to blame?
Mark sets out to solve the mystery of his wife's strange behaviour in his own logical, but unorthodox, fashion. The history of the house and its surroundings form part of his investigations. This leads to an unexpected turn of events.


How does a cosy Sunday dinner in a small English commuter town between three middle aged women turn into the perfect murder spree? Eve, Dorothea, and Penny decide to take matters into their own hands after incredible tragedy at the hand of conman, Martin Cole. As the public swings between fear of the so-called Vigilante Killer and glee that these fraudsters are receiving their just desserts, will detective Mike Nash and police be able to solve the case? Do they even want to? A gripping yet humorous book of crime fiction by author Fiona J Roberts.r own text and edit me. It's easy.


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The Misfit's Remedy

Chapter 1


It was the shabbiest house on the street. The pile of rubbish in the front garden was ever present. Sometimes it was bigger, sometimes smaller, it’s constituents changed, but it was always an eyesore. Certain items, it seemed, were mandatory. The shopping trolley, a couple of tyres, various car parts, and furniture formed the core. This was what marked the location of Joanne Rushton’s family home.

She was welcomed into 48 Tensing Road by her parents, sister and two brothers. The, three bedroomed, semi-detached, house, already full, had to accommodate another person. Detritus was pushed aside and the old cot erected in the bedroom she would share with Jenna, who was 4 years old. Joanne was blissfully unaware of her humble beginnings.

The necessities were provided. Milk, then food, nappy changes and the occasional hug. Joanne’s brothers Jack aged 3 and Joel aged 2 mostly ignored the baby, just prodding her every now and then. To avoid confusion, why choose such similar sounding names in the first place, Joanne was distinguished from Joel by being referred to as Jojo. A baby name for the baby of the family.

Her parents Linda and Greg were not unkind, they were busy. They worked to feed and clothe their brood but things weren’t easy. When money was spent on cigarettes and beer, at the bookies and paying off debts, there wasn’t a lot to go around. Second hand clothes, second hand everything really, helped them get by.

Joanne was a healthy child, despite the amount of cigarette smoke she breathed in. She passed her milestones, had her jabs, smiled and gurgled. At the precocious age of 10 months she was walking. The fact that she was on her feet so early was only remarked upon because of the problems it brought. Another child, mobile and getting in her mother’s way.

Jenna, Jack and Joel regarded their sibling with suspicion. Jojo didn’t look like them. They were all dark haired robust children. Their sister was blonde and delicate. As they charged around the house like a pack of dogs she would simply observe. Yes, she was younger and not as fast as them, but she didn’t join in, because their play did not interest her.

Too young to fully understand the world around her, Jojo was already separating herself from her brothers and sister. Greg and Linda were not bothered. There was one misfit in every family and it seemed that Jojo would fulfil that role. There was the occasional shout of “Leave your sister alone.” but mainly the kids were left to their own devices.

At the age of 3, Jojo spent a lot of time studying her own reflection in the mirror. She would touch her blonde hair and look at her skinny frame. The differences between her and her siblings were very firmly on her radar. She did not want to be like them. She preferred her colouring and smaller features. Blue eyes, button nose, and fair eyebrows, greeted her gaze. Not the thick, dark hair of the others.

Jojo’s appearance was commented on by almost everyone. From when she was a baby in her pram onwards, the blonde child was something of a puzzle. People loved to state the obvious and they all pointed out to Linda and Greg that she was not like their other children. The parents would nod and agree with what was said. They were mystified too.

“Well, we don’t have a milkman and the postman is a black man. That counts him out.” This was one of Greg’s favourite quips.

Linda would shush him. “She’s either yours Greg Rushton, or the fairies brought her.”

Their words were a joke, but the young Jojo rather liked the idea of being a fairy changeling. It was the first hope that she clung to in her wish to not really belong to the Rushton clan.

The other children were now at school. They came home with their books and drawings and Jojo was filled with jealousy. Why couldn’t she go with them? There was a secret about how the letters formed the words. Discovering it meant being able to read a book. At night in their room she would plague Jenna.

“Write my name. No, not Jojo, Joanne.”

In the morning she would find one of the small pens that were scattered around the house, pilfered from the bookies, and write the name herself. Using pester power she collected words from her brothers and sister and practiced them. It was not long before she was reading Joel’s school books.

Jenna only talked to Jojo at night when they went to bed. No one else was available, so Jenna would strike up a conversation with her sister. Stories of school were told and Jojo was full of questions about the lessons. Jenna skimmed over that stuff and talked about who she was friends with that week and the games they played.

“What did you do in history?” Jojo wanted information.

“Me and Trisha got told off for talking.” Had Jenna missed the point or was she being obtuse.

“No, what did you learn.”

“Oh, some king or something, boring.”

The books with the numbers in were Jojo’s new obsession. It was harder to learn about the rudiments of mathematics because her siblings were slow to grasp how it worked. She saw much counting on fingers and chewing of pencils occur before an answer, not necessarily correct, was arrived at.

Eventually she took the unprecedented step of asking her mother to help. Between her job, housework, and shopping, Linda did not have a lot of time to answer questions. The child wanted to learn. It was strange, but there was nothing wrong with it. Ten minutes later Jojo had grasped what her siblings could not. She was ready for school.